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I'm a girl who love KPOP and JPOP ( Super Junior all 15 ,DBSK as 5 , EXO M&K and Arashi ) especially
I'm a big fan of Eunhae/haehyuk , Hanchul ,Yunjae , Changkyu , Taoris , Hunhan , Baekyeol , Sakuraiba . Kaisoo , 2min , Takumikun = " DaiMao and a new big fan of Sterek " , Adam lambert and " crazy about Supernatural " ............. etc
oh and I love colours and reading too. ^^v

Kevin Wu; a practical guide

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Animals that are patiently awesome.

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sehun enjoying his snack

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And in that moment, we all became Xiumin…

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43/?? reasons why to love otp: Eunhae vs insects. (my strength is perfected in your weakness)

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Kim Jongdae Birthday Countdown → September 14 (Wet!Dae) 

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Berlin, 2013

Berlin, 2013

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luhan the ‘completely edited out’-dol

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"did somebody say free food???"

"did somebody say free food???"

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© Angelic Stare vs Killer Stare

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