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I'm a girl who love KPOP and JPOP ( Super Junior all 15 ,DBSK as 5 , EXO M&K and Arashi ) especially .

I'm a big fan of Eunhae/haehyuk , Wonhyuk/Sihyuk , Hanchul ,Yunjae , Changkyu , Taoris , Hunhan , Baekyeol , Sulay , Sakuraiba . Kaisoo , 2min , Takumikun = " DaiMao " , Adam lambert ، also a new big fan of Sterek and I'm so in LOVE with ♡Supernatural♡ ............. etc .

Oh I also love colours and reading ^^v.

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when jongdae gets all shy

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  • SM: Oooh look guys, Sungmin's getting married, isn't that great!??
  • SM: Please forget about Tao/Luhan/Kris/Jessica/Sulli/everything


*sounds of hearts shattering echo through our fandom*

thank you lu-ge for always protecting, babying, caring, cherishing and loving this naughty baby taozi~ all the best wishes for you ♥

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So….Is there a live stream to watch SM’s stocks drop?
And for all of you saying “Well it’s SM’s fault for hiring Chinese people”. Please go choke on a dick. DA FUCK OUT OF HERE BITCH!


they knew it was their last on stage with their brothers


i wonder if kyungsoo dashed into the SM’s ceo’s office and headlocked the shit out of him



in the beginning we were all begging for a comeback

now we are literally begging exo to come back

❝How many lawsuits
does it take to change SM?

the lightbulb analogy needs a change because honestly what the fuck? (via g-y-u)

141010 luexolu

My baby 💔

141010 luexolu

My baby 💔

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141010 Luhan’s Weibo Update:
I’m home

141010 Luhan’s Weibo Update:

I’m home

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❝You don’t have to be pretty like her. You can be pretty like you.

One of the most freeing things I have ever heard (via kumaclu)

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